Why “developer experience” is holding back the pace of global innovation

Behind many amazing innovation in our lives today, is something both omnipresent and easily overlooked: code.

Whether it’s health screenings or the way we order food, do our banking, or drive cars, the biggest innovations that shape our lives today are powered by software—specifically the roughly 30 million developers worldwide who write the code that creates it. How fast we progress, in business and society, comes down to how fast, and how efficiently, they can work. 

But the efficiency of converting raw ideas to code and, ultimately, shipping it to end users is anything but assured. In fact, this “innovation supply chain,” much like our physical supply chains, faces serious pinch points. Today, developers—the driving force behind so much tech advancement—are being held back by outdated processes and a lack of tools. Clearing those bottlenecks is much more than a matter of convenience.

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