For anyone who wants to start a company with the ambition to grow with employees!

Do you have a business idea or dream of starting your own? Are you in need of co-founder, advisor, mentor, investor, specialist or are you having trouble finding the right way ahead for some other reason? Some of Sweden's most experienced individuals are gathered here waiting to help you.

Checklist, what´s in it for me?
If yes on any of these questions, then our services can be at your disposal.

- Do you need critical advice taking your business to the next level?

- Are you searching for a co-founder that can engage in your start-up with specific requirements? 
- Are you scaling up and need appropriate investments?
- Do you have a specific competence but no business idea, yet a dream of starting up a business? 
- Are you looking for a board member or an executive? 
- Do you need to consult experienced entrepreneurs within a specific branch? 

Who can be a member?
Start-up in either of these phases can be a member (years in business 0-5)

- Running your business less than five years
- You have ambition of growing with employees

- Pricing, see below



“NTRY has helped Ellure to get into contact with a big player in the cosmetic industry in Sweden. We were able to learn a lot of insights from this connection. I definitely think that this is a very valuable opportunity!”

Selah Li
CEO&Co-founder of Ellure
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