For all experienced entrepreneurs, investors, specialists and business angels!

Have you ever been asked to contribute with advice, money or time? We assume you are lacking out of time, do´nt want to be spammed with requests, even if you´re flattered. We can give you the opportunity to get matched with cases that may be of interest to you, in a efficient and structured way. You can also connect with other experienced entrepreneurs, investors and specialists to maximize your own or someone else's growth? 

Register now and apply for partnering with NTRY.

Our partners have a symbolic ownership interest in NTRY. As a partner you have no obligations beyond the specified criteria below. The purpose of the partnership is to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit and the skills that are shared with the business and it´s purpose.


Checklist, what´s in it for me as a partner?
If yes on any of these questions, then our services can be at your disposal.

- Do you want to acquire or dispose a business and need recommendations of legal proceeding?
- Interested in supporting start-ups and the entreprenurial landscape in Sweden
- Looking for investors?
- Searching for a board member or an executive?
- Do you need to consult experienced entrepreneurs within an specific branch?
- Are you curious about new uprising start-ups and considering consolidate as new business areas?
- Interested in investing in entrepreneurial businesses without getting spammed?

Who can be a partner? 

- Minimum five years of entrepreneurial experience
- Experience of  running a business with at least a turnover of 50 millions SEK
- You will at some point, at least once a year, have the interest of either advising, mentoring, investing, in a start-up business or a colleague experienced entrepreneur.  

- Yearly fee of 5000 SEK